Pre-Primary Curriculum

Having enjoyed the Montessori learning experience in the Kinder Group, the children are ready to move on to a more structured preparation in a classroom environment to enter mainstream schools.

The children aged 5 and 6 years will move on to master academic skills as follows:

Languages – Literacy
Bahasa Malaysia

Significant and equal emphasis will be placed on all 3 languages to give the children an edge in literacy.
As for English language, beginning with recapture of basic phonetic reading skills that was introduced in Kinder Group, the children will journey through mastering advanced phonetic reading, sight-reading, spelling, grammar, creative writing and comprehension.
A great deal of importance will also be given to achieving the expected level of understanding, reading and written Bahasa Malaysia with love for the language and the country.
As most of the children in Tadika Langkah Ceria, will move on to Chinese primary schools as in the past, children will get a strong foundation in Mandarin through vocabulary building, speech and understanding, writing skill in the language, ready to face the challenges of Chinese schools.

Mathematics – Numeracy

Having grasped the basics of number concepts in the Kinder Group, the children will get to master the required math skills in numbers and their values, addition, subtraction, money concepts, telling time on a clock and introduction to multiplication and division.

Science, Culture and Environmental Studies

This would be taught by involving children in science and environmental projects for hand-on learning experience. Children will love these educational group projects as materials for the projects, occasionally, will need to be brought from home.

Art and Craft

Wouldn’t every child love drawing, dabbling in colours and creating crafts? Sometimes, this will be tied up with projects under Science, Culture and Environmental Studies.

Music and Movement

These Music and Movement time is aimed at creating opportunities for the child to perceive and appreciate sounds and rhythm and during the course of the year they get to train their vocal abilities and music expression in dance movements. The children will be directed towards performing on stage without inhibitions at our annual year-end concert.

Outdoor Play

The importance of outdoor play for young children cannot be over emphasized. The Preparatory and Pre-Primary children will get their outdoor play time each week not only to break the monotony of staying within the confines of a classroom, but also to create an interest for sports and physical activities.



Field Trips

The children will get to go on field trips during the course of the year as an extension to their learning experience at Tadika Langkah Ceria.